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We’ve brought together top industry and technical subject matter experts that have the depth of experience to not only understand the technology, but the end-result for the insurance, healthcare, finance, telco & NGO industries – nothing more and nothing less. We pride ourselves in explaining solutions in simple language. 

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Rajesh Crumlin

Managing Director | Chief Digital Officer

Rajesh Crumlin brings a wealth of entrepreneurial and business leadership to the forefront, with a keen emphasis on driving innovation, shaping strategic visions, and harnessing the power of digital technology. Holding the reins as the Managing Director at, Rajesh propels the company towards unparalleled achievements in leadership, pioneering product offerings, and cutting-edge technological services on a global scale.
With an illustrious career journey, Rajesh previously held the pivotal role of Managing Director at EQT Digital, steering the helm of Digital evolution for EQT's portfolio of companies. His tenure as Chief Technology Officer at Telstra Ventures underscores his adeptness at executing intricate technical due diligence for 80 successful investments (e.g. Box, DocuSign, Crowdstrike, GitLab, NGNIX). His role as Principal Business Development Specialist for Telstra's Industry Solutions saw him orchestrating the creation of bespoke solutions exceeding one billion dollars in TCV. Across diverse sectors, Rajesh led his team of architects and specialists to create and deliver innovative solutions, that specifically catered to the needs of Enterprise, Business, and Government clientele. His portfolio boasts remarkable solutions, including Australia's Emergency Alert, recipient of the esteemed World Best Project award in 2012. Further accomplishments encompass groundbreaking ventures such as Payment Solutions and New Train Communication Services.
When it comes to using technology smartly and leading well, Rajesh Crumlin is a great example. He's like a champion who keeps pushing businesses to reach amazing heights of success.


Anton Royce

 Chief Revenue Officer | Chief Technology  Officer 

Anton Royce is an accomplished entrepreneur and business leader who has a strong focus on leadership, innovation, strategy, and digital technology. As the CDO of, he leads the company in providing exceptional technical leadership, innovative products, and emerging technology services to clients worldwide.

Prior to, Anton served as the Chief Technology Officer for Telstra Health and Chief Architect for Telstra's Industry Solutions, where he successfully designed and constructed new solutions for Enterprise, Business, and Government clients across various sectors. Some of his noteworthy projects include The National Cancer Screening Register, National Telehealth Connection Services, Connected Stadium Solutions, and Managed Healthcare Services

Anton holds a Master's degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from the University of Auckland.

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Bryan Macdonald

Chief Clinical Information Officer

Bryan Macdonald is a highly experienced clinical leader with over 25 years in the healthcare industry. Having worked across acute and community health care as a clinical nurse, he is deeply committed to clinical standards and evidence-based care using digital technology. Bryan's expertise includes implementing clinical nursing information systems based on a state-wide build in the public sector. He has held senior executive roles in the software industry, leading and implementing digital health solutions in both the public and private healthcare sector. Bryan's clinical skills and ability to leverage technology enable him to work closely with key stakeholders from all executive and clinical backgrounds, building trust and engagement.He currently mentors clinicians in Digital Health through RMIT Online courses and co-develops course material with Flinders University.

Bryan holds a Bachelor of Nursing and a Master of Information Technology (Business Intelligence) and is currently pursuing a Juris Doctor (Postgraduate Law Degree).


John Musich

Chief Information Security Officer

As the Chief Information Security Officer for ANJN Group, John Musich holds the responsibility of overseeing cyber security for both the company and its customers. With over 25 years of experience in the field, John is a highly skilled security professional who possesses exceptional leadership and strategic planning abilities. He has a proven track record of successfully executing and evaluating cyber security management strategies, policies, procedures, and guiding practices.

John has established and maintained a comprehensive information security program that ensures that organizations' information assets are safeguarded against both current and future threats, both internal and external. He has extensive experience in managing the delivery of best practice security management programs and technical solutions for large corporations, government agencies, and major events such as the Sydney 2000 Olympics.

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