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We are dedicated to helping businesses solve their challenges and pain-points

Data & AI

Harness the power of data analytics and artificial intelligence to uncover meaningful insights from your data. Implementing the right strategy and technology will balance speed, cost and quality to deliver measurable business value.


The way work is performed now will differ from how it is performed tomorrow as intelligent automation becomes embedded in the future workforce. will help you understand your process and implement automation solutions for improvement. 


We bring process methodologies to plan, design, migrate, secure, operate & optimise the infrastructure that runs your business applications to improve your application efficiency and agility.


Innovation, transformation and implementation occur in several ways. The ability to solve the issues seamlessly  is important. can help you strategise, conceptualise,

and deliver for your business using emerging technologies. 


Trust the experts with the

knowledge, experience & track record helps organisations to run their systems by modernising IT, automating processes, analysing data, and ensuring security and scalability in hybrid or multi cloud platform.



When hDA  automates the thousands of detailed, repetitive, data-rich tasks and workflows, it makes everyone in the healthcare system feel a whole lot better - patients, administrators  & clinicians included!


Jarvis assists accounting personnel who work tirelessly on monotonous yet detailed tasks such as receivables, payables, taxes, invoicing, payroll, address validation, etc. by automating and simplifying repeatable task and workflows.


Toodan is a virtual conversational assistant who is on-call 24*7. Toodan can assist with  sales & marketing by promoting products, act as a service desk assistant to log or track faults and or simply assist with customer queries.


iCA gets real-time data , filters for relevant key words, geo-codes addresses and presents the data graphically or in a database at the click of a button. Data can be retrieved and represented in any manner that is appropriate for business needs. 

Our Customers

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