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hDA helps clinicians by performing mundane tasks for e.g. logging into multiple systems to enter data or collating information to a single point for ease of use.
It frees up precious time for Clinicians to engage with patients and helps them make fully informed decisions by making the necessary data available to them in an instant


aDA assists healthcare admin & finance division by working tirelessly on monotonous  and repetitive tasks such as invoice management,  accounts payable, vendor management, payroll services, emplyee offboarding, time and attendance, HR reporting. Talent management, address validation and etc. 



rDA gets real-time data from public web sites, filters the relevant information using key words, geo-codes addresses and stores output in data base and presents you with a meaningful visual graph or report based on your business needs.

It provides you real time competitive data

at the press of a button


healthcare Digital Assistant (hDA)

Solving Interoperability

Our healthcare compliance hDA can easily extract and append data from User Interface (UI), Application Programming Interface (API), HL7 or FHIR endpoints faster cost effectivly.


hDA will work with any EMR UI such as EPIC, CERNER, Allscripts, Meditech and etc and solve problems and accelerate your automation needs.

Referrals Management - Care Coordination


Automate referral submission and completion. Receive notification if the patient did or did not show. Referring clinician confirms and acknowledges the specialist’s recommendations for the patient.


Automate alerts for new referrals and review timely. Patients with urgent needs are seen timely and are matched with right provider. This is especially important when specialists focus in more specific areas.

Dischare Summary


hDA automate discharge process including entering the time and discharge destination in the ADT (Admission Discharge Transfer) system, printing of discharge instructions, and complete documentation of the discharge checklist.


Automate the scheduling of a follow-up visit with their GP


This will reduce the readmission rate

Patient Throughput


hDA automatically clooects all the patient’s necessary studies, such as CT scan, MRI, blood work, and EMG, and outside (transferred) medical records, prior to the patient’s scheduled appointment.


It will help improve quality care

admin Digital Assistant (aDA)