account Digital Assist (aDA)

Business Activity Statements (BAS)

  • aDA receives client information via e-mail in an Excel or pdf 

  • aDA validates this information, returning ones with errors highlighted for review

  • With the validated data in place, aDA logs into XERO or MYOB and processes the BAS

  • aDA completes the BAS and sends the information back to the accountant by e-mail

Income Tax Returns (ITR)

  • aDA receives client’s information via email in an excel

  • aDA validates this information with predefined criteria.       

  • If validation is unsuccessful, aDA will send an email to the respective user along with the excel. aDA will highlight the cells that are erroneous.

  • For the ones that are successful, aDA will log into XERO.

  • aDA will go into clients details and bring up the ITR form.

  • aDA will then enter all the relevant details and completes the tasks. 

  • Once the task is completed, a notification email is sent to the accountant.

Account Payables

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