When Nutpam automates the thousands of detailed, repetitive, data-rich tasks and workflows, it makes everyone in the healthcare system feel a whole lot better - patients, administrators  & clinicians included!


Why Nutpam?

Nutpam interacts with applications mimicking human actions; Nutpam can open attachments, complete forms, capture and re-key data, update systems and create reports.

Is Nutpam safe?

 Nutpam solutions offer the highest levels of security and privacy, including multi-layered authentication and authorisation, encryption and complete auditability.

Benefits of Nutpam 

Increased Efficiency

Error Reduction

Employee Satisfaction

Improved Data Quality

Cost Reduction

Nutpam Use Cases

Referral Management

Nutpam automates referrals received from providers, validating and entering data all the way to scheduling patient appointments.​

Nutpam Referral.png

Clinical Coding

NUTPAM automates the clinical coding process by searching for key words in the EMR and inserting it into clinical documents.

  • Nutpam will access EMR patient process notes and  seek out specific key words (defined by the client)

  • If Nutpam finds the key words, it will insert it in the clinical coding document

Discharge Summary

Nutpam automates the discharge process including entering the time and discharge destination in the ADT (Admission Discharge Transfer) system, printing of discharge instructions, and completing the documentation of the discharge checklist.

Also automates the scheduling of a follow-up visit with the GP.