Helping Hands

intelligent Competitive Assistant (iCA)


It takes weeks, months & years to get the complete competive market information depend on the information

Need current information on demand, now

The information has to be accurate.



Engage  iCA  to speed up the time and accuracy of data inputs 
Teach the iCA to find ­relevant organisations and the information
The key service types they offer
The ­client cohorts they serve 
­The geographies where services are delivered

Use Power BI to represent the data in a meaningful visual format



Accurately map the competitive landscape enabling  to direct its efforts on winning business in geographies of unmet need, establishing services to fill gaps in the system, and building capacity in local communities.
Identify organisations for referrals; to meet the full suite of client needs.
Discover and build relationships with external organisations.
Monitor the external environment for reporting purposes.
Apply intel to tenders, grants and proposals for use by  Service