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Helping Hands


How iCA has helped customers


A not-for-profit organisation was taking months to get comprehensive competitive market information for their internal work. Between the time the information was acquired to when it was put to use, it became obsolete.

They needed real-time relevant data on key geographical services at the press of a button for their business development activities and to avoid overlapping services.



Utilising iCA, we developed a customised solution using automation, machine learning and NLP technologies to get the relevant information and  geo-coding it for visual presentation that was useful to the customer.

They are now able to login to a portal and with the click of a button, get all the necessary data in a matter of hours.

Sarah Reed

General Manager Business Development

I engaged in a project involving iCA technology when I was the business development manager of a Not-for-Profit social service organisation in Sydney. It was a rewarding and highly successful experience. listened to our needs and delivered a product that will help the organisation for years to come. I was impressed with everyone in the organisation: from the CEO, Anton Royce, to the exceptional project manager and talented data scientists. I was very happy with the outcome. I commend to any organisation, commercial or NFP, who is looking for innovative ways to use a ‘iCA’ to do repeatable, rote tasks in the background of business as usual. Embracing technology in this way ensured that our data collection was secure, accurate and dynamic. It also freed up employees to focus on their primary purpose - human service and human interaction - the stuff of higher order value.

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