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Drive sustainable growth and save your team from the drudgery of soul-crushing, routine work

Why Jarvis?

Jarvis interacts with applications mimicking human actions; Jarvis can open attachments, complete forms, capture and re-key data, update systems and create reports.

Is Jarvis safe?

Jarvis solutions offer the highest levels of security and privacy, including multi-layered authentication and authorisation, encryption and complete auditability.

Benefits of Jarvis 

Increased Efficency

Error Reduction

Employee Satisfaction

Improved Data Quality

Cost Reduction


Jarvis enables you to improve productivity, drive down costs and streamline compliance. It frees more time for you and your team to act proactively and focus on the strategic work that brings joy and adds value to your business.

Invoice Processing

Invoice processing is part of the accounts payable  process in companies.  The process of invoice management is important for handling vendors and suppliers to ensure timely procurement.

Jarvis- Gregor Aschoff.png


Invoices can be in any format such as pdf, image or e-mail and etc

Invoices are scanned or manually entered into the  systems such as NetSuite (Oracle), ERP, SAP and etc

Invoices should be entered for the correct accounts and cost centers or PO or invoice numbers

Then the invoice must be sent for approval

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Looking for an AI based solution to automate invoice processing? Contact us for a demo or discussion

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