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Solving healthcare's challenges

with secure, structred, scalable & trusted solutions

Drive Better Patient Outcomes

Improve Clinician and 
Staff Experiences

Build a digitally transformed organisation


When Nutpam automates the thousands of detailed, repetitive, data-rich tasks and workflows, it makes everyone in the healthcare system feel a whole lot better - patients, administrators  & clinicians included!

Referral Management

Clinical Coding 

Discharge Summary

Data Science

Analytics, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning enables healthcare organisations to easily deploy analytics & machine learning tools such as natural language processing, document understanding and computer vision to derive insights from their health data. 

Quality Reporting

Allows healthcare providers to report process and outcome metrics by using analystical tools to determine the quality of care. This could, for example, reduce re-admisions of patients


Operational Optimisation

Enables efficient operations to minimise costs and waste by assisting organisations to optimise assests, maximise utilisation and comply with quality and saftey standards.

Health datasets

Accelerate healthcare operations by leveraging high quality, third party data from our trusted cloud partners to understand trends and improve patient care, support analytics and machine learning efforts.


Cloud Migration

Migrate healthcare data and work loads efficiently to trusted, reliable, secure cloud environments that are healthcare compliant,  hybrid and multi-cloud  for  fully redundant solutions. 

Disaster Recovery

Solutions for healthcare infrastructure begins with prevention. Data centre failures, server corruptions can impact data, reputation, compliance, and patient trust.

Our solutions are cost effective and provides for business continuity. 

Security & Interoperability's cloud solutions meet  regulatory and compliance  standards, assisting healthcare eliminate data silos, achieve secure, scalable, healthcare-compliant communication and true interoperability.

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