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Finance and Accounting professionals have struggled to meet the volume and variety of the current operational transactions their jobs encompass. In many cases, financial professionals would rather be spending less time on routine accounting operations and more on higher value work that drives more strategic outcomes.

In many organizations, legacy processes and systems are the biggest challenge, a result of which is staff working on different systems to record the same data making it cumbersome and prone to errors when manually transferring data. This can lead to complacency and dissatisfaction due to repetitiveness and monotony of work.


Why Jarvis?

aDA interacts with applications mimicking human actions; aDA can open attachments, complete forms, capture and re-key data, update systems and create reports.

Is Jarvis safe?

 aDA solutions offer the highest levels of security and privacy, including multi-layered authentication and authorisation, encryption and complete auditability.

Benfits of  Jarvis 

  • Increased Efficency

  • Error Reduction

  • Employee Satisfaction

  • Improved Data Quality

  • Reduce Cost

Jarvis use cases


BAS | TAX Return

Jarvis receives client information and saves it under client folder.

Jarvis logins into accounting systems such as Xero, MYOB and enters information

Jarvis alerts Accountant or BAS agent for their approvals

After approval, Jarvis continues the process and generates documents and  e-mails it for client signature.

Online Shopping

Invoice Processing

Jarvis receives invoices 

Jarvis saves it in appropriate folders

Jarvis extracts the relevant information from the invoices

Jarvis logins into accounting systems such as SAP and enters the information

Jarvis Send confirmation e-mails


Inventory Turnover

Jarvis process logistics paperwork

Jarvis tracks shipment

Jarvis expedites orders

Jarvis follows up with suppliers

Jarvis updates ERP

Jarvis notifies completion

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