Accounting & Finance

Business models and accounting roles are changing. Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) and their representatives increasingly drive more informed strategic decisions across business disciplines. Finance professionals now also occupy seats at the highest levels of the organization where they are expected to use their commercial and technical skills to advise senior business leaders.


CFOs are now a crucial partner in enabling the growth of the business, providing the appropriate financial data and insights. They also ensure that the business complies with the relevant regulations while mitigating its risk exposure. However, as this strategic focus has grown, finance and accounting professionals have struggled to meet the volume and variety of the existing operational transactions their job encompasses. In many cases, financial professionals would rather be spending less time on routine accounting operations and more on higher value work that drives more strategic outcomes.

In many organizations, legacy processes and systems are the biggest challenge for the staffs who are working in the department. As a result, staffs must work on different systems to record same data which is a cumbersome work. Given the nature of the work there are many repetitive works that must be performed on a daily basis by the staffs which is boring and will lead to so many errors. As a result of all of these, at the end the staffs are not satisfied about their work.

Some of the challenges experienced by Accounting staffs 

  • Manual updating of information received via email into the ERP

  • Having to log into multiple systems and update the relevant records due to lack of integration capabilities.

  • Same process repeatedly done by the person leaving room for errors and job unsatisfaction 

accounting Digital Assistant (aDA)

Accounting Digital Assist gives assistance in automating mundane and highly respective tasks. One step ahead, aDA uses AI/ML functionalities such as OCR and Computer vision capabilities to read documents and extract information 

Accounts Payable

Vendor Verification and Setup
Vendor master-data Management
Vendor Queries/Helpdesk
Invoice data extraction
Invoice data entry and interface
Two and three-way purchase order/invoice

Account Receivables

Customer data set up
Customer Data management


Completes Business Activity Statements & Income  Tax Returns