Doctor on a Computer

healthcare Digital Assist (hDA)

Where hDA can assist?

  • Healthcare is on the lookout for a solution to lift the burden of heavy administrative work.

  • Most healthcare departments spend a significant amount of time on repetitive administrative tasks

  • Admin staff who are dealing with long waiting lists of patients can be benefitted with hDA paving the way for a quicker recovery from backlogs.

  • Where Doctors and Nurses are burdened by administrative tasks that reduces quality time spent with patients.

  • Where Doctors and Nurses must enter the same information in multiple and different systems 

  • Where clinicians logging into multiple sources to collate information to a single point

Why hDA?

  • Both hDA and Application Program Interface (API) provide a communications channel to move information between two or more systems. By interacting with applications mimicking human actions, hDA can open attachments, complete forms, capture and re-key data, update systems and create reports.

  • hDA is especially good at handling interactions between legacy systems. This can be extremely valuable as Trusts begin to digitally transform as it means they can implement new technologies without changing their existing systems.

  • Implementing integration is much faster than endeavouring to develop own APIs or customising third party solutions.

Is hDA safe?

  • Patient data is not only vital for managing an individual’s care, it also plays an important role in other ways: planning health services, improving diagnosis and treatment and evaluating the effectiveness of policies. GDPR has established strict guidelines for the use of Personal Health Information (PHI). hDA solutions enable the highest levels of security and privacy, including multi-layered authentication and authorisation, encryption, and full auditability.

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