Cloud Infrastructure

Develop, on-premise to cloud, cloud-to-cloud migration and integration,  modernise workloads to leverage cost, performance and agility benefits of cloud with effective provisioning and management. Leverage Kubernetes across on-prem and cloud

Data Lake 

A data lake offers organisations the flexibility to capture every aspect of your business operations in data form. Over time, this data can accumulate into the petabytes or even exabytes, but with separation of storage and compute, it's now more economical than ever to store all of this data

Data Warehouse

A data warehouse is an enterprise system used for the analysis and reporting of structured and semi-structured data from multiple sources, such as point-of-sale transactions, marketing automation, customer relationship management, and more. 

This is suited for ad hoc analysis as well custom reporting. A data warehouse can store both current and historical data in one place and is designed to give a long-range view of data over time, making it a primary component of business intelligence.

Container Orchestration

Containers offer a logical packaging mechanism in which applications can be abstracted from the environment in which they actually run. This decoupling allows container-based applications to be deployed easily and consistently, regardless of  the target environment. We provide container orchestration setup, networking, availability and recovery, security, CD processes which are all the elements for developer and ops success. 

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